Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Post

I don't know if I am doing this right, but I am attempting to upload some layouts for my LOAD challenge on the OSU scrap site.
The first layout is of Samantha taken when she was a baby and we were stationed in England. I made it with a couple of older Studio Calico kits that I "revisited" when I was transfering them from the paper bags that they come in,into the new clear zippered crop bags that SC is selling! I love them because I can see all my older stuff!
The second layout is of Michael. He insists he doesn't really like Disney World - we just make him go. But he bought those Goofy pirate ears the morning we got there (we had Mickey Mouse pirate ears on!!) and he wore them all day!! All the characters had a blast when they saw him, but after Daniells posed with Mickey, he insisted that Michael come and take a picture alone with him!! You can tell by the pic that Michael was having fun!! I used Maya mist on some Mickey heads to mist the paper.

The third layout is some pics of Samantha at the coolest fabric store in Lawrence - it's just a feast for the eyes in there and it makes me want to quilt everytime I walk in. It's located on the famous Mass St. where there the coolest little stores are located. The bottom of the this store is also a costume shop with tons of cool costumes crammed into a tiny space! I made this for a challenge that used a funky, tattoo ad as a lift.


  1. Hey girl! WTG on starting a blog - looking forward to seeing even MORE of your awesome work! ;)

  2. You did it! Great blog - love the LOs as always.

  3. This is great! Love love love the LOs!Betsie

  4. Oh great effect on the mist and mickey ears, my dh is the same reluctant until we get there :) Love WDW!

    Great to see your work here too!

  5. Great LO's Val and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - now you have a blog, "people" expect you to update it. Down with "people" I say!!!!