Thursday, November 12, 2009

#3 Nov Studio Calico layout

Trekking a long with my new kit - I started this layout last night (I had a huge cup of iced tea and the caffeine had kicked in) and finished it up this morning. I've been wanting to use my paints but I keep forgetting about them. Just some boring white - as usual - but I like it! It's of Danielle's new haircut. We were getting her brother's hair cut and she asked to get her's trimmed, then she saw a book filled with different haircuts and fell in love with one of them. I told her she'd have to spend time fixing her hair if she wanted it to look that way, and she insisted she would (even though I knew better!!), so I told her it was her hair she could get what she wanted (within reason of course ;) )! Anyway, it looks nothing like the book because she does nothing but wash it - no drying, straightening, bumping - everything that the hairdo entails to achieve the book hairstyle - but I think it looks sweet and sassy!! Just her personality!!



  1. Love it! Those chipboard letters are perfect for the title!

  2. Love the black and white photos with the background PP, looks terrific, and so does the new do!!

  3. Beautiful! Danielle's hair is adorable. Love all the details and the simplicity on this layout.