Monday, June 18, 2012

Back Online!!

It really sucks to go on vacation then come back to no Internet and then it taking so very long to get it sorted out!! Can you say Internet withdrawal??? Well.....I'm back now!!! And I have  project that I made for the Front Porch DT - just a fun project that we were challenged to create using a vintage tie! We could make whatever we wanted with it and I chose to make a little wristlet for my iphone!!

Now, I'm no great seamstress by any means - I can sew straight lines (sort of) and follow directions, but I just made this up as I went along (I have seen this idea on Pinterest a while ago, but I didn't have internet when I was making this so I just kind of made things up as I went along. I left the label on to give it some visual interest too. It was so easy - I just measured and cut one end off of the tie leaving the wide triangular end as the closure.
I folded the flap over and sewed a snap (crappily by hand I'm afraid - but no one sees it when it's closed ;) !) to keep it shut. I then used some of the leftover piece to create my wrist strap and attached it to the side of my little purse.

And there it is!! My dd loves it and wants to keep her phone in it - I'm not sure if I'll give her mine or go find another old tie to make one for her!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. very cute!! i had internet withdrawal last week when we were on vacation

  2. This is a perfect little tie project. So cute!