Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Caught up in my DD - Day 5-9 & 12

I did get caught up somewhat in my December Daily this past weekend! I'm not totally caught up, but I did get a big chunk done, and I do have ideas for the two pages from this past weekend - I just need to get some pictures printed!
Day 5
This is my least favorite page so far...the concept just didn't transfer from my head to the page - but it's done and I DID get the journaling done that I wanted. I also used a vintage picture of my sister, Dad, and myself!
Page 6

This page was sweet and simple to make. I've been taking pics of my silly kittie Gremlin (and Ginnie's in one of the pics!) with my Instax camera as he's been investigating the tree. This is the first year that he's ever done this and he's driving me crazy climbing up the middle of my tree!! Thank goodness it's a very broad tree and he's a light cat so it's never tried to tip over!!
Day 7

I love the way this spread turned out! This is just some photos of some of my favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree that I finally put up last week! I really like the way the punched branch border (Martha Stewart) looks and the twine across the pages from The Twinery!
Page 8

I adore this spread!! I love the photo of Danielle and the memory of the night is perfectly captured here!! I am so glad I got that twine - I want to use it on every page now!! I really like the way it captures the vintage feel of Christmas! We had a great time at her concert and they played flawlessly - even the sight reading piece that their band director sprung on this unexpectedly!!!
Day 9

This is the newest addition to our family - out little Maltese Zoey. It's her first Christmas (she's 10 months old) and she fits right on with all the kitties and our other puppy!! I told you I loved the twine - I just had to use it again around the stamped envelope! :)
I skipped days 10 & 11 for right now
Day 12

Another favorite of mine because of the pictures!! Danielle had an eye appt and I had to take Jonathan back up to school for his finals this week - so we stopped and had some lunch first! These two were acting so silly and I was SOOO glad I had my Instax camera with me!! My kids are truly my JOY!!
If you could stand to do it, thanks so much for sticking with me throughout this very llloonnngg blogpost - it feels good to be caught up!! :)

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  1. Fun to see all your pages, congrats on being more caught up. That is lovely twine.